Mining Design

Rational exploitation of mineral resources and environmentally sustainable extraction design are two central elements of SERENGEO’s philosophy for addressing mining design.


Each project starts from the end – the reclamation project -which defines the morphologies conferred to the extraction site and the environmental, cultural and social factors to which particular attention has to be paid. Resource exploitation is designed according to mining engineering principles, and it implies defining an exploitation plan (mining, transport and mineral processing methods and techniques), an economic-financial evaluation of the project, a study of the geomechanical stability of slopes and excavation faces, a design of the environmental interventions (reclamation intervention and water drainage system).

The experience gained in the implementation of projects for open pit and underground mining, and in the environmental rehabilitation of active, decommissioned and / or abandoned mining sites, guarantees the customer excellent results in terms of technical, economic and environmental feasibility.

Target customers

The service is aimed at investors in the extractive industry and mining enterprises, but also to public bodies interested in redeveloping their territories through functional reclamation projects.

Projects and collaborations

2016 – Economic assessment of estates interested by quarrying activity, Apricena (FG)
2016 – Mineral processing plant for copper and molybdenum recovery from mine tailings (Chile)
2013 – Critical analysis of an underground gypsum quarry expansion project, Calliano (AT) 
2013 – Ornamental stone quarry design and reclamation, Apricena (FG)
2007 – Ornamental stone quarry design and reclamation, Poggio Imperiale (FG)
2007 – Pozzolana quarry design and reclamation, Giugliano in Campania (NA)
2007 – Limestone quarry design and reclamation, S. Felice a Cancello (CE)
2006 – Exploitation and Environmental Reclamation of a limestone conglomerate deposit, Battipaglia (SA)
2005 – Limestone quarry design and reclamation, Roccarainola (NA)
2005 – Gypsum quarry design and reclamation, Gambassi Terme (FI).