Reclamation and Environmental Impact Assessment


Our modern society cannot do without the use of mineral resources, but also has a duty to re-use non-renewable resources and find alternative solutions. In addition, it is necessary to protect the environment as common good, avoiding a need (the supply of mineral raw materials) to become an evil (environmental degradation and incorrect use of the resource).

SERENGEO uses tools specifically developed for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) resulting from the extraction of mineral:

  • AEVIA matrix, conceived at DICAM to determine the impact produced by the typical mining actions on the environmental components;
  • specific procedures for the evaluation of the best reclamation interventions, including through the mechanisms of public-private partnership;
  • models for assessing the impact produced from mining (visual impact, induced ground vibrations, airblast).


The service is aimed at investors in the extraction industry and mining enterprises, but also to public bodies interested in redeveloping their territories through functional restoration projects.