Statement of Privacy Policy (ex art. 13, d.lgs. 196/03)

As per art. 13 of d.lgs. n. 196/2003 – Code governing protection of personal data, this policy statement is given to those taking part in events and schemes promoted, organized and put on by Bologna University.

Purpose and manner of processing

Data for processing will be handled without your prior consent in conformity with article 24, clause 1 lett. b) of the Code, so as to enable you to enrol in and/or take part in the event.

Data may also be processed with a view to putting participants on the mailing list (newsletter) whereby they receive automatic e-mail notification, free of charge, concerning later events of an institutional nature (e.g. invitations to other University events; invitation to join other research projects).

You are informed that the event may be audio-video recorded. Data processed, including images and audio/video recordings of the event (hereinafter “Images”), even in partial and/or modified and adapted form, will be handled in full respect of the Code governing personal data protection.

Such Images will be preserved, in electronic form or otherwise, on any technological support, for the purposes and within the limits defined above, and may be broadcast on the website as per Law n. 150/2000 concerning institutional websites, as well as via social network channels (such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others). Use of those Images does not confer any right of remuneration.

Bologna University has the right to access and broadcast the participants’ Images without consent, as per art. 97 of Law n°. 633/1941. The same article and also art. 10 of the Civil Code anyway forbid all use of Images that is prejudicial to the honour, reputation and dignity of the person portrayed or recorded.

Nature of data

You are free to give your data or not. If you choose not to, you will not be able to register for, and accordingly not take part in, the event, or benefit by the newsletter service (e.g. you may not be informed about or included in future activities).

If you do not wish to be audio-video recorded and/or the Images broadcast, you must not take part in the event.

Processing subjects

The processing entity is Bologna University – Via Zamboni, 33 40126 Bologna (BO). The person in charge of processing is SERENGEO srl, with registered office in Bologna (Italy), Via Umberto Terracini, 28 – 40131.

Rights of interested parties

The persons to whom the personal data relate are at any moment entitled to know whether said data exist on record or not, to know the content and origin, to check the accuracy thereof and ask for them to be completed, updated or rectified (article 7 of the personal data protection Code).

That same article ensures the right to demand that any data illegally processed be cancelled, rendered anonymous or blocked, and the right in any case to oppose such processing upon legitimate grounds. Claims should be addressed to: