Geomechanical Tests Design

Rock materials have many applications in various fields, from civil engineering to chemical industry and agriculture.


The rock materials applications, especially as building or ornamental stones, are rarely supported by a deep knowledge of the rock behavior in relation to their specific use. Designers often underestimate the key importance of a careful preliminary characterization of the rock that takes into account the specific applications.

This approach may give rise to problems and possible arguments between the customer and the supplier (quarrymen). In civil engineering, it results in higher maintenance costs. In industrial applications, the variation of the physical-mechanical properties of the rock can cause the interruption of production, with possible serious financial losses.

SERENGEO provides services of design of geomechanical tests to assess the performance of the rock in specific applications, proposing new approaches and innovative procedures.

The service customization, necessary because of the heterogeneity and highly variable nature and behavior of rock materials, the high scientific and professional expertise of the working group, the scientific support of Prof. Berry (Full Professor in Mining, Tunneling and Excavation Engineering at the University of Bologna) and the collaboration of LAGIRN, laboratory of rock mechanics of Bologna University, are the main strengths of SERENGEO.

Target customers

The service is addressed to construction and mining companies, mineral and raw materials processing industries.


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