Rock Masses Characterization

The construction of every civil work in rock needs a preliminary investigation to determine the mechanical properties of the rock masses (rock materials and discontinuities) affected by the excavation. For carrying out rock masses tests, SERENGEO collaborates with the laboratory LAGIRN of Bologna University which is supplied with equipment to perform geomechanical testing on rock masses both in situ and in laboratory.

In addition to the standard survey techniques, thanks to the know-how acquired during the years in unconventional testing, SERENGEO is able to design ad-hoc tests on rock masses to solve specific problems. For instance, in the past the members of SERENGEO designed and performed non-conventional shear tests (Bim Test) for bimrocks (block-in-matrix rock, structurally complex rock mass characterized by a mixture of competent rock blocks immersed in a finer and weaker matrix). Furthermore, SERENGEO also utilizes a 3D camera probe for cored and drilled holes, to examine the rock masses structures, with continuous logging and a software for images processing.

Target customers

The service is addressed to construction and mining companies, and Public Administrations.

Projects and collaborations


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