Geothermal open loop application for the requalification of a fruit & vegetable market

Client: Market Management Company
Location: Milan, Italy
Date: 2015Planimetria_progetto

The study is aimed to assess the feasibility of geothermal energy systems for satisfying the thermal energy demand of the fruit & vegetable market of Milan.
SERENGEO operated as consultant for NIER Engineering (partner of a Temporary Enterprise Network).

 Project Goals

  • Supply renewable energy for thermal loads of the vegetable & fruit market

 Activities performed

  1. Gathering of hydrogeological data of the existing geothermal applications;
  2. Creation of the conceptual model of the area;
  3. Preliminary analysis of the thermal plume and short circuit between extraction and re-injection wells;
  4. Preliminary design of the open loop system.


Sezione_particolari_pozziTechnical data

Operating mode:  heating & cooling

Energy peak request: 10.870 kW

Number of wells: 15 for abstraction and 15 for reinjection

Abstraction and injection wells’ spacing: 20 m

Abstraction / injection wells’ spacing: 13 m

Aquifer flow rate: 35 l/s

Aquifer temperature: 15°C





Well field: existing wells, new wells, pipelines and thermal storage tank


3D rendering of the geoexchange system and district heating network