Safety Engineering aspects related to tunnelling with traditional technique in gassy rock masses

Client: Pizzarotti SpA & Collini Lavori Spa
Project: “Terzo Valico” high speed rail link, Vallemme lot tender
Date: 2017

The Vallemme Lot contemplates the realization of tunnels and other excavation works (an underground stope linking the Vallemme adit to the line tunnel, line and safety tunnels, by-passes and technological niches).
The excavation works will be realized through gassy rock masses (risk index 2 according to the Interregional Note “Grisù”) and asbestos rocks.
SERENGEO designed the organization of the construction works and the safety measures and procedures to be adopted.

Underground works included in the Vallemme Lot

Project Goals

To design organizational, technical, technological and procedural solutions to ensure the highest safety level against the risk of of air–methane mixtures detonation / explosion during the tunnel excavation in gassy rock masses

Underground stope. Indication of the advancement fields and of the sections connecting with the Vallemme window, the twin line tunnels and the safety tunnels

Activities performed

  1. Review of the project documentation (tender and Client’s bid documents);
  2. Identification of the possible interferences during the safety and line tunnels excavation and ancillary works;
  3. Identification of potential detonation / explosion hazards due to specific underground works;
  4. Development of the measures and procedures to be taken during tunnels construction to ensure the highest safety level against air-methane mixtures detonation / explosion.