SERENGEO participates to engineering works providing innovative solutions coming from the results of academic researches and the skills acquired in the areas of Mining, Tunnelling and Excavation Engineering, with a specific focus on environmental aspects and workers safety.
The solutions provided to our customers are mainly based upon innovative approaches, tools and technologies for underground space design and construction. Our activities are focused on workers safety and on technical, financial, environmental and social sustainability of construction works.
SERENGEO addresses the needs of design firms, construction companies and Public Administrations, providing problem-solving support in design and construction works.



  • Owns a robust know-how in the area of underground engineering, coming from a cumulated experience of more than 40 years developed in collaborations with important national and international research centers, construction companies, Engineering firms, Health and Safety Departments and Public Administrations.
  • Provides smart solutions to the challenges faced with its clients, applying innovative approaches and tools transferred from the reslts of applied research projects.
  • Provides a highly specialized service, to effectively meet customers’ needs.


Research activity

SERENGEO works, in collaboration with relevant national and international Research and Academic Institutes, Construction Companies and Health & Safety Departments, on Research and Development projects concerning the following topics in the field of underground excavation engineering:

  • Tunnelling in gassy rock masses
  • Tunnelling in asbestos rocks
  • Workers safety in underground excavation works
  • Excavation in hyperbaric conditions
  • Surface instability phenomena due to tunnelling
  • Innovative technologies for traditional and mechanised tunnelling.


  • Experimental tests
    • In situ and laboratory rocks and rock masses characterization
    • Design and execution of unconventional tests for specific applications
  • Planning and organization
    • Gantt
    • PERT
    • In-house developed codes
  • Geostatistical codes
    • SGems
    • Geo-MS
  • Geographical Information Systems and Scientific Visualization software
    • QGIS
    • Paraview
  • Numerical modeling
    • Numerical codes for the simulation of phenomena deriving from excavation works.