Vision and mission

SERENGEO wants to make the geothermal energy – nowadays a marginal source of clean energy – a primary source of electricity and heat. The main goal of SERENGEO is spreading efficient systems for the reduction of polluting emissions and of sustainable design from a technical, economic and environmental point of view.

Our reference market is that of geothermo-electric energy production, at international level. SERENGEO provides:

  • support to Governmental Agencies evaluating geothermal resource energetic potential, using geostatistical approaches and reservoir engineering know-how;
  • geothermal reservoir modelling for investors and energy industry;
  • design of geothermal systems for heating & cooling and for direct use of heat for the industry and the building companies.

Our approach is based on the adoption and development of innovative scientific software, on the expert use of numerical modeling and on the application of mining geostatistics.


Why choose SERENGEO

  • We support and encourage the diffusion of geothermal as alternative to fossil fuels, improving the underground knowledge and the forecast of the consequences of anthropic exploitation.

  • We put at your service high level knowledge acquired during the PhD years in the area of Georesources.

  • We use software developed in-house, which let us increase the productivity and improve the quality of the provided service.

  • We have developed a patented technology for the installation of vertical geothermal heat exchangers, which reduces the maintenance cost, improves the efficiency and minimizes the damage risk.

  • We provide a highly customized service, to effectively meet your needs.

Our added values

  • Pre & post-processing software for numerical modelling (TOUGH2GIS and TOUGH2Viewer)
  • Geostatistical analysis
  • Procedure for low enthalpy geothermal H&C plant technical – economic design and feasibility analysis
  • Innovative method for TRT results analysis

Our tools

Our clients

Società Agricola Mirri Piana S.S. (Birrificio Claterna)