Mining Engineering

Vision and mission

SERENGEO provides innovative services, coming directly from the results of academic researches and the skills acquired in the area of Mining Environmental Engineering, to support and benefit the manufacturing world. Our objective is to spread new approaches, tools and methodologies for the mines and quarries design and reclamation, as well as for the environmental impact assessment. Our attention is focused on the technical, economic, social and environmental sustainability of the operations.

SERENGEO addresses the needs of public administrations, mining industry and all those using raw mineral materials in industry processes, providing support in resource management, optimizing the productive processes and solving complex issues.


Why choose SERENGEO

  • We have more than 50 years of accumulated experience in planning, design, reclamation and environmental impact assessment in the mining sector.
  • We put at your service innovation and scientific skills, used in research projects in the field of Georesources.
  • We provide a highly customized service, to effectively meet your needs.

Our added values

  • Photorealistic rendering
  • Prediction of blast induced ground vibrations
  • AEVIA matrix for Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Selection procedure for intervention of functional recovery
  • GIS implementation of italian mining sites and waste-rocks inventory

Our tools

  • CAD and 3D modeling
    • AutoCAD
    • BricsCAD
    • 3DStudiomax
  • Planning and organizzation
    • GanttProject
    • Todolist
    • Libreoffice / Office
  • Geostatistical codes
  • Geographical Information Systems and Scientific Visualization software

  • Database Management System
    • SQLite
    • Spatialite

Our clients

Astaldi S.p.A.
Augelli Cave S.r.l.
Technische Universität Wien. Waste and Resource Management