• Sara Focaccia

    Sara Focaccia

    PhD in Georesources Engineering of University of Bologna and Instituto  Superior Técnico of Lisbon, with a thesis on the numerical modeling of shallow geothermal reservoirs. Environmental engineer, works on the shallow geothermal energy since 2009 and she teaches in the area of Petroleum Engineering both in Lisbon and Luanda. She is responsible for communication and marketing of SERENGEO and of the projects related to shallow geothermal energy.

  • Carlo Cormio

    Carlo Cormio

    PhD in Georesources Engineering and Environmental Engineer, since 2004 carries out applied research projects about sustainable mining, functional reclamation of active and abandoned mines and quarries and environmental impact assessment. Since 2008 he’s working on numerical modeling of geothermal reservoirs, and is the leading developer of TOUGH2GIS, a pre-processing software for the numerical code TOUGH2.

  • Annalisa Bandini

    Annalisa Bandini

    PhD in Georesources Engineering (University of Bologna) after a Master Degree in Environmental Engineering. Since 2006 she has carried out experimental research on rock mechanics and excavation engineering. The main research topic deals with rock materials characterization through destructive and nondestructive tests. Moreover, she has been involved in a research project focused on rehabilitation of Italian abandoned mines.

  • Paolo Berry

    Paolo Berry

    Ex Full Professor at DICAM department of the University of Bologna, his activity is focused on excavation engineering and safety, for mining and civil infrastructures. Research studies aim at the characterization of rocks and rock masses, at developing innovative methods and techniques for minerals extraction and for production of geothermal fluids, and at establishing safer systems and procedures for underground excavation.

  • Villiam Bortolotti

    Villiam Bortolotti

    Associate Professor at the DICAM department of the University of Bologna. His main research field concerns fluid in porous media. Since many years, he devotes part of his research activity to developing tools and methodology dedicated to the modeling and simulation of georesources.

  • Stefano Bonduà

    Stefano Bonduà

    PhD in Georesources and Geotechnology, Environmental Engineer, since 2004 carries out applied research for reservoir characterization. Since 2008 he’s working on numerical modeling of geothermal reservoirs, and is the leading developer of TOUGH2Viewer, a post-processing software for the numerical code TOUGH2.


  • Francesco Tinti

    Francesco Tinti

    Environmental Engineer, PhD in Georesources Engineering, since 2007 works in the field of shallow geothermal energy for heating and cooling applications. Since 2016 he works as researcher in the framework of International Cooperation and Research Projects.

  • Fausto Peddis

    Fausto Peddis

    Geologist and petrophysicist, technical manager of Lagirn Laboratory of DICAM (University of Bologna) since 2001.

  • Valentina Fargnoli

    Valentina Fargnoli

    Civil Engineer (Technical University of Bari) and PhD in Civil, Environmental and Materials Engineering (University of Bologna) with expertise in the soils geotechnical characterisation and in the analysis and numerical modelling of geotechnical engineering problems, with particular reference to the soil‑structure interaction. From 2009 to 2015 she carried out academic research activities on the topic of the assessment of settlements and induced damage on existing structures due to tunnelling in urban areas.

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