Exploitation and Environmental Reclamation of a gypsum deposit

Client: Plasterboard and Gypsum-based building products producer (Knauf Ltd)
Location: Tuscany (Italy)
Date: 2005

The project aimed at the exploitation of a complex gypsum deposit, with a varying thickness clay on top and anhydrite below. The site falls within a valuable hilly landscape.

Project Goals

  • Optimize earthmoving activities in a spatially constrained site;
  • Minimize the volume of anhydrite extracted together with gypsum;
  • Minimize quarry visibility during and after the exploitation project.

Activities performed

  1. Regulatory and cartographic framework analysis;
  2. Assessment of alternative exploitation and reclamation solutions;
  3. Tasks scheduling and resource management;
  4. Slope stability analysis;
  5. Economic and financial investment analysis;
  6. Environmental impact Assessment.

Quarry exploitation project

Quarry reclamation plan