Exploitation and Environmental Reclamation of a pozzolan deposit

Client: Pozzolan quarry owner
Location: Giuliano in Campania – Campania (Italy)
Date: 2007

pozzolana_flegrea_ortofotoThe project aimed at the expansion of a quarry for the exploitation of a pozzolan deposit. The designer had to take into account the constraints introduced by the presence of houses and a local public road nearby.

 Project Goals

  • Ensure continuity of mineral production of pozzolan;
  • Minimize the interference of quarrying with the surroundings;
  • Bring the site back to its original agricultural use (orchard).


pozzolana_flegrea_recuperoActivities performed

  1. Regulatory and cartographic framework analysis;
  2. Assessment of alternative exploitation and reclamation solutions;
  3. Tasks scheduling and resource management;
  4. Slope stability analysis;
  5. Rainwater runoff regulation
  6. Economic and financial investment analysis.



Technical data

Area of intervention: 142.000 m²
Cultivation method: Benches
Digging technique: Backhoe excavator
Spill removal technique: Wheel loader

Transportation technique: Dump truck
Reclamation plan: Agricultural (orchard)

Technical outcomespozzolana_flegrea_stabilita

Total volume of limestone extracted: 360.000 m³
Average production: 100.000 m³/year
Duration: 4 years

Economic and Financial outcomes

Investments: 25.000 €
Revenues: 1.200.000 €
Break Even Point: 40.000 m³
Payback Period: 0,4 years
Net Present Value: 1.045.000 € (discount rate 6%)
Investment Return Rate: 122%


3D photorealistic rendering – Current site morphology and land use


3D photorealistic rendering – Project morphology and land use