Exploitation and Environmental Reclamation of an Ornamental Stones Quarry

Client: Quarry owner (Gervasio Marmi Snc)
Location: Apricena- Apulia (Italy)
Date: 2013fig_6

The project aimed to the production of dimensional stones from a marble deposit. The site is located within one of the most relevant italian dimension stone basins, has already been exploited in the past and consists of an open pit quarry overhung by a rock waste deposit.

Project Goals

  • Maximize dimension stone production;
  • Create safety conditions through morphological reshaping of rock waste deposit;
  • Create favorable conditions for the exploitation of the deposit and reduce Environmental Impacts.

Activities performed

  1. Regulatory and cartographic framework analysis;
  2. Assessment of alternative exploitation and reclamation solutions;
  3. Tasks scheduling and resource management;
  4. Slope stability analysis;
  5. Rainwater runoff regulation;
  6. Economic and financial investment analysis;
  7. Environmental Impact Assessment.

Slope stability analysis – Poles density stereographic plot


Streams network

Technical data

Area of intervention: 60.000 m²
Cultivation method: Benches
Cutting technique: Chain saw machine

Transportation technique:Wheel loader with forks
Reclamation plan: Industrial (quarrying)

Exploitation phases












Technical outcomes

Total volume of marble extracted: 770.000 m³
Productivity: 70%
Average production: 50.000 m³/year

Duration: 17 years

BEPEconomical and financial outcomes

Investments: 5.600.000 €
EBITDA: 66.500.000 €
Net Present Value of revenues: 57.730.000 € (discount rate 1,6%)
Investment Return Rate: 86,8%
Break Even Point: 3.820 m³
Payback Period: 1,6 years

Environmental Impact Assessment

The area interested by the exploitation project is located within Apricena’s Marble Basin. Two alternative solutions have been compared to the current site conditions (non intervention solution), using AEVIA method for EIA:

  • Simple reshaping of rock waste deposit to create slope stability conditions;
  • Full removal of rock waste deposit.

Viewshed (from rockwaste deposit) – Current site morphology


Viewshed (from rockwaste deposit) – Project morphology