Rock Lab

Vision and mission

SERENGEO brings to market innovative services deriving from the results of the researches developed at the University and from the knowledge acquired in the field of Mining Engineering, in order to support and improve the productive world.

Our objective is to spread design and characterization criteria for rock materials and rock masses, which have to be technically, economically and environmentally sustainable.

SERENGEO addresses the needs of the construction companies, the public administrations and the industry, providing the following services:


Why choose SERENGEO

  • We have an accumulated experience of more than 50 years in the environmental mining sector and collaborations with the most important national and international research centers

  • We put the high level knowledge acquired during years of research in Georesources Engineering at your service.

  • We provide a highly customized service, to effectively meet your needs.

Our tools

SERENGEO provides its services in collaboration with the Laboratory of Geoengineering and Natural Resources (LAGIRN) of DICAM, which disposes of facilities for the execution of geomechanical tests according to National and International Standards (UNI, EN, ASTM, ISRM) and the Suggested Methods of International Society of Rock Mechanics (ISRM), and ad-hoc equipment developed at DICAM for peculiar applications